D0J0 Spaces

Community - Learning - Technology - Sustainability - Opportunity

‘space’ is an abstract term which tends to refer to a location which has not had a specific human value or purpose.

This is as opposed to a ‘place’ which has an identifiable character, or a ‘location’ which has geometrical certainty.

A public space is an area that tends to be open and accessible to all people.

Space can also refer to a specific area or volume within a building, such as; useable and un-useable space, storage space, teaching space.


Hot Yoga - Yoga - Dance - Calisthenics - Movement - Parkour


The separation of activities into zones.


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Energy & Sustainability

Energy targets and sustainability requirements.

Environmental requirements, such as noise, lighting, ventilation, temperature, and so on.

Environmental controls.


Security, safety and privacy.



DOCS stands for "documents".

In D0J0 "documents" is any document or group of questions or statements.

a D0J0 Document is Dynamic.

A Dynamic Document contains references or connections to other data entities such as Assets (devices, users), other documents,
and Tasks (see Tasks for more information).

D0J0 introduces a different approach to document, project, compliance, operational and security management
and can be applied to any industry to streamline operations and processes.

turn documents into ACTION with D0J0

Typically D0J0 is used to map complex technical industry standards such as PCI DSS or NIST 800-53,
but can be applied to ANY Document.

See the Document Library to see a full list of current DOCS.